Choose Landmark Billing Systems, Inc. for your Medical Billing Needs.


Landmark Billing Systems, Inc. provides these services and more depending on the client’s needs:

  1. Insurance Claims Billing
    • Electronic insurance claim filing for Medicare, Blue Cross, and Illinois Public Aid, as well as over 200 commercial insurance companies
    • Paper insurance claim filing for all other commercial insurance companies
    • Claim billing for secondary and tertiary insurance companies
    • Proactive claim management with immediate rebilling of aged or denied claims
    • Claim status follow-up process for workmen’s compensation and personal injury care
  2. Patient Balance Billing
    • Patient statements printed and mailed monthly
    • Collection of accounts receivable from current to 120 days old with set up of payment plans for slow accounts
    • Advise on patient accounts with no activity for 120 days and forward designated accounts to a collection agency
  3. Clinic Staff Support
    • Strong support of clinic staff to ensure in-house collection of patient co-pays
    • Support for clinic staff on verification of insurance benefits for new patients
    • Practice management on-site support and training
  4. Practice Expertise Support
    • Answer billing questions for patients, insurance companies, and staff
    • Medical coding support with certified professional coders on Landmark staff
    • Documentation support
    • Design and modification of patient billing forms
    • Support for CPT (current procedural terminology) accuracy
    • HIPAA compliance support
  5. Practice Reporting
    • Provide monthly patient aging, insurance aging, and other practice reports as required.
  6. Miscellaneous Services
    • Copy, log, and deposit checks into client’s bank account
    • Pickup and deliver reports and documents 1 – 5 times per week
    • Support client’s on-site computers and software enabling real-time access to important billing information