Choose Landmark Billing Systems, Inc. for your Medical Billing Needs.


After seven years of trying to bill in-house.

“I want you and your staff to know how pleased I am with your service. Your professionalism and thoroughness are greatly appreciated! Your efforts have truly helped lift a major burden from my day-to-day workload.”

Dr. B. H.

This account’s collection-to-billed ratio went from under 70% to over 94% in just 6 months.

“You greatly exceeded my expectations and your promises with my troubled account. Our year went from near disaster to well past recovery after we started using your services. THANK YOU!”

Dr. I. G.

The new people chose Landmark

“Thanks for your good service. New people will be joining my group. I have told them about your good quality service!”

Dr. T. O.

This concerns a new account that had 65% of the Accounts Receivable over 90 days old. Within 3 months it was reduced to under 34%.

“I really like the monthly reports. They are easy to read. I had no idea my receivables were this high! I love getting your recaps every month and seeing the amount of old receivables reducing.”

Dr. K. D.

Another account with a very happy Care Provider.

“It’s been a good experience this year!”

“Once again, there were no mistakes this month!”

Dr. T. B.