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What We Do

Accounts Receivable

Does your 90 day and older Accounts Receivable dollar amount exceed 35% of the total? Is the problem due to Insurance Rejections and/or slow and inactive Patient Payments?
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Extra Charges

Do you pay more for: Electronic Billing? Re-Submission? Postage? Forms? Supplies? Do you pay a per-claim fee or a commission based on a percentage of receipts?
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In-House Billing

Could you use the Billing Department’s office space for providing Patient Care? Is the Billing Department Experienced and Efficient?
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Do you send more than 7% of your Patient Accounts to Collection where your cost is considerably higher?
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Communication and Expertise

Do you really know what is going on with your Medical Billing? Are you receiving reports that are easy to read? Is your Billing Department/Company knowledgeable about diagnosis and procedural codes? Do they offer ideas about ways to improve your bottom line?
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