Choose Landmark Billing Systems, Inc. for your Medical Billing Needs.

Extra Charges

PROBLEM: Paying for services that should be included.

Stop Paying for Extras – They are Included

  • CAUSE: Paying a Per-Claim Electronic Fee

    • Many billing services charge more for electronic insurance filing because they have to pay more fees themselves.
  • REMEDY: Landmark does not pay additional fees and passes the savings on

  • CAUSE: Some Billing Services Bill their Clients Extra for Telephone Charges, Postage, Forms, Supplies, etc.

    • Paying extra for these services is similar to giving one’s billing service a ‘blank-check’ for them to fill out. Many billing companies quote a competitive fee to obtain an account and then add these extras on top making the original arrangement more costly for the client. Some charge more to turn over delinquent accounts to collection.
  • REMEDY: Landmark and the client agree on one commission fee for all of the required billing work. No hidden or extra charges appear. The client knows exactly what percentage of the receipts he or she will be billed each month.

  • CAUSES: Many Billing Companies Charge a Per-Claim Filing Fee Instead of a Percentage of Receipts Commission Fee

    • Charging for each insurance claim filing only benefits the billing company. They charge for each and every filing: primary, secondary, tertiary, and re-submitting insurance rejections. The client then pays multiple fees for one claim and has to pay another fee for resubmitting a rejection even if it was the billing company’s mistake.
    • Most Employees of Billing Departments and Companies Receive their Wages on an Hourly Basis Regardless of Performance.
    • Paying employees the same amount whether they process four or eight claims per hour results in less work being done per dollar spent by the client.
  • REMEDY: Landmark’s fee agreement with the client is based on performance. Landmark collects a percentage of the client’s receipts, which increases the incentive for Landmark to complete work of the highest quality
Extra Charges & Effect on Client’s Fee
Clients Charge Other Services With Landmark
Dr. K. K. Telephone 3% 0%
Postage 7% 0%
Collection 15% 0%
Dr. S. S. Electronic +12% 0%
Dr. L. E. Per-Claim +5% 0%
Dr. L. R. Wages Paid Hourly +28% 0%
Averages +10% 0%