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In-House Billing

PROBLEM: Hidden costs lower net income

High Performance Billing – How Landmark Improves your ‘Bottom Line’.

  • CAUSE: Office Space Occupied by Billing Department Hurts Profits

    • An in-house billing department needs at least 400 square feet. This increases the billing expenses by $6,000.00 per year. (Determined at $15.00 per Sq. Ft.)
  • REMEDY: With Landmark, this ‘wasted’ space can be used for patient care

  • CAUSE: Paying Wages on an Hourly Basis Diminishes Output

    • Efficiency is adversely affected when one gets paid by the time spent and not by the quality of the work. Human nature and scientific studies support this. The dollars billed-to-collected ratio of in-house billing averages under 76%.
  • REMEDY: Landmark’s clients collect over 90% of billed charges

    • Landmark receives money only when the insurance claim is paid or when the patient’s account is settled. This performance-style fee increases the client’s income because Landmark receives nothing until the client does . . . Landmark has to do a better job!
  • CAUSE: Many In-House Billing Departments Do Not Bill Secondary or Tertiary Insurance Carriers and Most Departments Bill Insurance Only Once or Twice per Month.

    • Billing only primary insurance companies causes incomplete insurance payments and frustrates patients because they receive a statement incorrectly indicating that a balance is owed. Many patients express their anger at their care providers and sometimes tend to discontinue using this care provider.
    • Insurance companies start the payment process when they receive the claim so untimely billing greatly slows the cash flow to the client.
  • REMEDY: Landmark bills the primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance companies at the same time as they enter the charges

    • Each and every claim is billed electronically to each and every insurance carrier everyday. Patients receive correct statements and care providers receive their money quickly.
Costs of Typical In-House Billing
Item Cost/Billed Dollar Received In %
Wages, Benefits $.084 8.4%
Office Space $.008 0.8%
Postage, Tel., Supplies, etc. $.022 2.2%
Lost Interest Due to Slower Payment $.007 0.7%
Reduced Collections $.14 14.0%
Averages $.261 26.1%